Duration :1 Minute


Scalene Stretches

  • There are 3 scalene muscles in the neck; the most common stretches we recommend are the middle and anterior for stretching, NOT the posterior.
  • Sit as straight as possible, and place the hand of the side to be stretched under that buttock.
  • For the middle muscle, pull your head away from the hand you are sitting on for 10 seconds.
  • For the anterior stretch, put the hand behind you, and turn the head away from it.
  • Then tilt your head back. (Stop if you feel any signs of dizziness or feel like you are about to faint!! )
  • If the doctor gave you posterior scalene stretches, put on deodorant, sit on your hand again, and pull your head forward and into your armpit.
  • hold all stretches a minimum of 10 seconds.