Tylenol deemed not effective for low back pain?

There has been more and more information coming out about Tylenol lately, and none of it is good.

Last year studies showed Tylenol use by expectant mothers increasing the odds of having a child with ADD/ADHD like behaviors.

There was also a study showing an association between giving children Tylenol post vaccination and autism. So until those issues are completely ruled out, it looks to be no good for children or expecting moms, which probably means it's not that good for anyone!

Well now new evidence is out that suggests that Tylenol is not effective for lower back pain or osteoarthritis (the most common type). The results come from looking at 13 RCT studies. These findings may change the guidelines that currently recommend acetaminophen as the first analgesic option. Tylenol is currently the most common OTC analgesic used worldwide.

The authors of the study note that non-pharmacological pain relief methods should be the primary forms of treatment going forward. I could name one very effective approach.... it's called chiropractic.

So these findings also bring up a new question. What is Tylenol good for anyway?

For more information click https://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/tylenol-may-not-be-as-safe-and-effective-as-we-thought/

An interview with a chiropractor's son.

Yesterday, I interviewed Conner Carr, my son, and asked him a couple of questions about his stance on chiropractic and life. It's quite interesting what he: knows about chiropractic, what he doesn't, and just how 10 years old he is! *

*There have been some difficulties in loading the interview, trust me, it's coming.

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