Parker Chiropractic Conference

Dr. Carr and Dr. Sachs at Parker,... we had a great time in 2024,  definitely going back next year!

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$9 Billion Spent on Migraine Sufferers EACH YEAR? Wow.

So.... this is older news, but seemed really relevant these days, especially as I (Dr. Carr) have been suffering from migraines, which I suspect is a side effect of the booster shot for Covid.   Now, I don't recommend that  anyone use the Internet to diagnose their problems... unless it's my website, of course!

Why?  Because when you Google a condition, or a symptom, you're really only getting the best SEO for that condition!   There are tens of different headaches out there, as defined by Cephalalgia, the leading and most respected peer-reviewed journal on headaches.

Of course, I'd be lying if I didn't include the classic "Chiropractic Migraine" page, and say that we are miracle workers with that.

Still, 9 BILLION dollars flippin' amazing.

Chiropractic headache- occipital neuralgia - c2 radiculopathy

Enjoy this new video from Dr. Carr, all about the chiropractic headache we deal with most often.  If you have questions don't hesitate to call us or contact us!


Expertise Best Chiropractor in Seattle

Congratulations to us! Top Chiropractor in Kenmore, WA!

Hey congratulations to us! We are listed on's Top 20 chiropractors in the Seattle area! The best part: We like the other choices they made, as well, and we know most of them. I guess birds of a feather really do flock together. It's a nice honor to have.

stenosis video

Lumbar Stability / Lumbar Stenosis /

Lumbar Spine Stability Video

Here you are... Dr. Carr, or the staff at Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic, sent you to this page, so as to save time explaining what's going on with your low back, and hence your upper back, and neck, as well.

It's important to know that THERE IS A FIX FOR YOUR ISSUE!  Sorry about the low production value of the video.... the information is really worth watching the whole thing.

Vibration plate tryouts.

So this week I broke down and bought a vibration plate for the office.   It's something I've  been mulling over for a while, and I rather dismissed them as 'hokey".   However, after doing neck stretches on them in a standing position, I was amazed at: 1. how tiring it was to stand on the plates, and 2. how much more effective the stretches were while on the vibration plates.  I suspect it's this way, as there is a small dynamic thrust after each lifting motion, and results in a far more active stretch of the soft tissue.   I also love how the mere act of standing on a dynamic plate forces so much more input to the brain, as well.

I'm looking forward to hearing what patients' responses are to the use of the plate, and see how much better they get!

For all chiropractors... did you know that your xray equipment needs some yearly maintenance? I didn't.

So I've got a Del Universal xray machine, I bought it new in 2004.  It's actually called the Chiro model, it's got a gantry system that helps it to perfectly maintain the alignment of the tube and bucky. ..  Okay, already too much information there.  So, anyway, the high voltage transformer part of the system, "the Box" I lke to call it, had somme issues, and I had to call out the techh to work on it.

One of the forst things he did was to unscrew the cathode and anode points on the tube, and pulled out what I can only describe as a dildo-shaped contact, covered in clear grease.  only, mine wasn't.  The grease was dried up and the tip of the contact was slightly browning a sign of arcing in the electrode, which he told me was "not good".  He opened up both sides and showed me, and it looked bad on both.   The tech mentioned he uses a very particular dielectric grease, from Dow Corning.  Now, a quick Google search shows there aren't many dielectric greases from Dow Corning, so I'm going to add this link with the disclaimmer that it migh not be the right stuff.

 Dow Corning Xray lube


So if it's not the right stuff, get it.  He said this should be changed every year, at "both ends of the wire"   yes, there are the same wires that go into your box, and they need to be pulled out and lubed.  It'll save your machine from arcing, and you having to buy an new thousands of dollars xray unit.   You are welcome.