Who are we?

Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic is Northshore’s NEWEST, MOST ADVANCED, and TOP RATED chiropractic office, established in June of 2021. The focus of our practice is  HEADACHES, LOW BACK PAIN, WHIPLASH and NECK PAIN patients. We also love to see seemingly crazy NEUROLOGIC ISSUES, as Dr. Carr is Neurology Diplomate Eligible.

Our approach is one of HONESTY when we tell our patients 4 things:

1. What the problem is.

2. Whether we can fix it.

3. Our best estimate on how long that will take. and

4.  How much that will require to do.

For 20 years, we were the most respected chiropractic office in the “Big City” of Seattle.  Since we moved to Kenmore, we bring that “Big City Care” here, and the surrounding cities of Bothell, Lake City, and Kirkland.

Can we help YOU?

By looking for the underlying CAUSE of most pain, versus chasing the SYMPTOMS, we get amazing results with patients!  When people ask why they should choose us as their Kenmore chiropractor, we explain our unique stance: We look for for abnormal hinges and soft tissues, which result in nervous system effects.  Our treatments are (usually) painless, and most of our patients say getting adjusted is the best part of their day!  We use BOTH hands-on, and computerized adjusting instruments to make those changes that make you feel better!

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Our New, Extended Hours

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MONDAY 10:00am – 6:00pm
TUESDAY 8:30am – 2:00pm
WEDNESDAY 10:00am – 6:00pm
FRIDAY 8:30am – 2:00pm

1ST/ 3RD SATURDAYS 8:00am – 11:00am

About Dr. Carr

Introduced to chiropractic after a debilitating car accident that left him temporarily paralyzed, Dr. Carr became the chiropractor for everyone else.   He likes to call himself “EVERYBODY’s chiropractor, and EVERY BODY’s chiropractor ;)”.

Dr. Carr graduated from undergrad at Colorado State University as a scholarship track athlete, and went on the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic his Doctorate.  His focus in practice is in neurology and biomechanics, and can often be found reading journal articles on his way to attending and teaching conferences and seminars all over the nation.

When not in the office, he’s a husband, a father, a sailor, a skier, and even a roller skater!

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About Roxanne, Bianca, and Pia-

Our Clinic Social Coordinators/ Greeters

Roxanne and Bianca are pure breed German Shepherd Dogs, both born in Spokane, but now live in Kirkland. As our Social Coordinators, they love to greet our patients!!  Their favorite location in the clinic is right at the front door, or wherever the patients are.  Pia, (the newest addition to our staff)  is a rescued Pit Bull/ Cattle dog from Texas.   She was found on the roadside as a scared puppy, and is now finding herself loving coming to the clinic and saying hello to anyone who comes in.   (She is also responsible for all the little white hairs we see on the floor each day…)

Their favorite activities include playing “tug”, swimming, playing with other dogs, and riding in cars.  Roxanne’s “love language is “PLAY!”, Bianca is more of a “SNACKS!” dog and Pia is all about “SECURITY”.

About Kylee Dahlgren, NTP

In addition to being the smiling face you see when entering DCC, Kylee is also its nutrition expert.   Kylee discovered that what we put in our mouth and how our body is, in itself, medicine, and she has used this to treat not only her own issues, but those of her clients.

The use of NATURAL, WHOLE FOODS and supplements is Kylee’s field of expertise.   She’s always excited to see her patients improve naturally, and can’t wait to see YOU!

When not at the office, Kylee is usually on one of her camping trips to the mountains, desert, or ocean.   She and her husband are happiest outdoors, and it’s often said that Kylee is “solar powered”, but she’d call it “making Vitamin D”.

Why Chiropractic Works

Maintaining a healthy and well-aligned spine is an important part of staying healthy. The care at Dynamic Chiropractic in Kenmore, Washington provides reliable and holistic treatment for many ailments, all under the direct attention of Dr. Peter K. Carr.  He is specially trained to diagnose distress in your body, and provide chiropractic treatment to patients, allowing them to heal naturally.

We accept various insurances, and help (primarily) the people of Kenmore, Bothell, Kirkland, and all surrounding areas of Seattle, Washington (but as far as Taiwan!) to find relief from symptoms and traumas such as: Neck Pain, Disc PainHeadachesWhiplash injuries, Back injuries, Work Injuries Sports Injuries and Worker’s Compensation cases.

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    Our office provides the latest in technology, including digital xrays, and the Myovision unit, which detects muscular and nervous imbalances in the human body. We marry that to our hands-on approach to treatment, and the combination is unbeatable!