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Dr. Carr has really helped my back and neck pain. Before visiting him, I couldn’t get through a day at work without liberal doses of ibuprofen. Now I rarely need it. Further, I can feel that the treatments aren’t simply a means of masking my pain but the correction of an underlying problem. To top it off, Dr. Carr’s friendly and professional manner make for a good experience all around.



Ok, I do not usually write reviews, but Dr. Carr is wonderful! I met him a few years ago when he volunteered to give free chiro care to the Avon 3-day walkers, of which I was one. By the end of the second day, I was in so much pain I could hardly move. One adjustment and I was practically two-stepping. He is thorough, kind, gentle, educational…. everything you want a chiro to be and more. He is a very special chiro and a very special man. I have never been to a chiro as wonderful as he is… he sets the bar very high!



First I must comment on how accommodating Dr. Carr’s office assistants were. I was seen the day I called. The receptionist, Fardowsa, was friendly and cheerful. The waiting room had great books and I saw Dr. Carr shortly. Both Dr. Carr and Fardowsa kept me informed as to when I would be seen. Dr Carr was very friendly and prepared to meet with me. He had in advance search the net and provided me with information as to my condition and immediate needs to treat my Bell’s Palsy. Dr. Carr brought information and a model and explained the condition to me. He took a friendly and caring attitude and asked questions and answered my questions. I felt he really was concerned and wanted to give me the help I need to recover. He could not improve my condition with chiropractic help. He referred me to a therapist. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Carr to any and all my friends if they were in need of help. I wish I could have as pleasant whenever I meet with a health care professional. Dr. Carr thanks a ton. You are the best.




Over the years I have worked professionally with enough Chiropractors to know that Dr. Carr is exceptional. His adjusting skills are superb and his manner is energetic. As an experienced Doctor of Chiropractic myself I highly recommend Dr. Carr. His practice is truly Dynamic Chiropractic.
Dr. Carr kicks butt! He is very knowledgeable and very capable, and that upper body strength that you need to be a truly exceptional chiropractor? He has it in spades. He is also very flexible and reasonable if you need chiropractic care, but are broke/out of work, as I was when I went to see him earlier this week; he is willing to make a payment arrangement with you that will allow you to get that sweet relief you need and make smaller payments on a schedule. I was so touched by that, I just had to let everyone here know that Peter Carr is the man! He’s willing to accommodate on this because he doesn’t want people living his office with the pain they walked in with, and that’s the mark of a true healer!

Best Doc in town!!!! Posted on 02/03/2007 Dr. C and his staff are nothing short of amazing. I feel as if I am not just a client but also a friend. I have felt nothing but better since I have gone to Dynamic. I plan to continue my treatment with him until I can not seek help any longer! The pretty smiling face of the office and Dr C. always welcome me with open arms and fit me in at the tightest of moments; like when business is really tough and busy. Totally personal level!!! I have never been made to feel more comfortable as when I am with Dr. C. The sheer attitude of the office in general is more than worth taking a look. The improvement in my back situation that I have felt since seeking treatment has been nothing short of spectacular. If you go to another place you will be sorely disappointed!!! Dynamic is my solution to avoiding surgery… GO Dynamic… you are truly rock stars in your own rite!!!!

Dr. Carr saw me on the same day I called. I was feeling desperate as my attempts to alleviate the pain with acupuncture were only slightly and temporarily effective and I couldn’t sleep. He quickly assessed my problem and explained why I was in pain. Then he expertly and carefully made my first adjustment and gave me instructions as to how i needed to improve my posture with some simple exercises. My improvement came steadily and after each visit, I felt better. Today I have more flexibility and the chronic pain is gone. I highly recommend Dr. Carr, and will probably return regularly myself for maintenance of my alignment and posture. Pro: Friendly caring staff & sense of humor. Con: No coffee & donuts! Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

My partner and I had tried several other chiropractors but were not completely satisfied until we met Dr. Carr several years ago. Although we have very different physical conditions, most other chiropractors treated us like we were on an assembly line and performed the same manipulation on both of us. Dr Carr evaluated us individually and provides us with the specific treatment that applies our conditions. Under Dr Carr’s care we have experienced amazing results. My partner has a disease that fuses his bones and with Dr Carr’s excellent treatment, my partner has mobility unknown to others with the disease. This mobility has kept my partner from aging prematurely. Dr Carr diagnosed that I had one short leg, and with treatment, the grinding/popping sound and pain in my hip disappeared. Dr Carr’s treatments have given me mobility in my neck and eliminated a sharp pain in my upper spine. If you are looking for a great chiropractor, try Dr Carr yourself. Dr Carr has improved our quality of life. Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

I have known Dr. Carr for years and his commitment to excellence knows no bounds. He is a hard worker and cares for his patients. He uses the most advanced chiropractic techniques and would not do one adjustment more or less than necessary. He treats the smallest infants and the most delicate elderly all with care and compassion. I love the fact that half the time I call his office he answers the phones himself. He has a deep personal investment in his practice and his patients. Pro: advanced chiropractic, friendly, caring Con: downtown tough for some people, nothing else! Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

I FEEL GREAT. THEY ARE VERY FRIENDLY; DR.CARR TOOK THE TIME TO ANSWER ALL MY QUESTIONS. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.(there is a beautiful girl that works there) Pro: Wonderful pl to be Overall Rating: Highly Recommended
I found Dr. Carr through the internet. I read all 26 reviews before me. I believe it is worth trying since he has so many excellent reviews. After so many years of suffering back/neck pains, I tried other chiropractic doctors before. No one is as good as Dr. Carr. He has magic hands. He is very humorous, nice, and considerate. Before I went there, my neck was only turning within very limited angles. I could not drive. Right after my first couple visits, I feel so much better. Now I believe I can walk out of the shadow of “back /neck” pain with full confidence. Thank you so much to Dr. Carr and his nice staffs. I’d like to recommend him to all of my friends who really need him. Pro: excellent doctor, nice staff, wonderful work, considerate, care about patients Overall Rating: Highly Recommended
I’ve been receiving chiropractic treatment for years, and Dr. Carr is one of the best I’ve found. He’s even been able to loosen up an area of my back that hasn’t moved for quite a while. His staff is very friendly and accommodating, and his sense of humor is one-of-a-kind. I actually look forward to my visits and leave feeling fantastic every time! Pro: Cutting edge chiropractic, friendly, great sense of humor Con: No evening hours and only half days on Saturdays Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

Caring Chiropractic services Posted on 11/08/2006 Dynamic Chiropractic clinic proves top notch service and care with human touch and concern that is often lost in today’s world. Dr. Carr’s approach is friendly, concerned and not without his special touch of humor and uplift. One will walk out of his office feeling better physically as well as mentally, adjusted with utmost care and treated with diligent care and more than one smile from Dr. Carr. He focuses on prevention and self care which is most appreciated. Get to Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic and you won’t be disappointed. Pro: care, humor, concern, speed, Con: none that i can think of Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hesitant to see a chiropractor. I was raised with medical doctors, and when I went they said I needed surgery. Dr. Carr said no. Thank God he did. I am pain free, and I think if I do what he says I’ll stay that way. I hada disc herniation, and Dr. C was like he could predict the future… he knew what would hurt and what wouldn’t, and by George I can actually move and play with my kids. He gave me the straight word on my condition, and didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t need. He’s passionate about what he does and I wouldn’t go so anyone else. Now, I’m nervous about maybe seeing anyone else!

Pro: Downtown convenient and knows his business Con: Disco music. Overall Rating: Highly Recommended Okay, this is my forst review, for anything. Dr. Carr is a super knowledgeable geek who has been forced to deal with the public. He doesn’t relate to me very well, and I understand this and don’t care. I’ve been adjusted by dozens of chiropractors, some of them were great communicators, some of them were great x-rays techs, some were good in other areas. Dr Carr IS (NO PUN INTENDED) HANDS DOWN THE GREATEST ADJUSTER ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. He actually moves bones, unlike other DC’s who think that “upper cervical” or NUCCA adjustments, or energy adjusting, or even better, Network chiropractors. (I’ve been to lots) . Dr. Carr is the doc I’m staying with. Just ask!

Pro: Best adjuster ANYWHERE! Con: Parking Overall Rating: Highly Recommended I work as a trauma/ICU nurse, and I had deferred seeing a chiropractor for some time now. I hesitated seeing a chiropractor due to anxiety, hearing about other nurses bad experiences, etc….. However, after countless massages (deep-tissue, sports), which really helped me for maybe one day, I finally decided to go see Dr. Carr after reading the glowing reviews on Citysearch. I cannot even begin to thank him for his help in alleviating my constant aching muscle pain. The pain is gone, and I don’t even think about it anymore. I used to obsess about my shoulder and neck pain, because the pain would always be there, and interfere with my job. Dr. Carr is such a professional, who actually LISTENS to your problems, teaches you about your problem, confers with you to work together to promote healing and alleviate your pain. He is also just really easy to talk to, and believe me, as a nurse who work with trauma physicians/surgeons all day, it is so refreshing to actually talk to a doctor for more than 5 minutes and have a conversation!! (and actually laugh and feel relaxed). I am just so relieved to have my problem addressed, and actually know what my problem is in the first place!! I am now on my way to continue to be more pro-active about my particular problem, and continue to work at it through the exercises that Dr. Carr has taught me. If you are having pain of any kind, and you have tried other remedies, please don’t hesitate to go see Dr. Carr. He can and will help you. He is simply AMAZING!! Thank you Dr. Carr for helping me !!
Even thinking about seeing a chiropractor? Go see Dr. Carr! Posted on 09/12/2006 How i wish the citysearch rating scale went to 11! a few months ago i injured my back going for a seemingly routine run– at first i thought it would heal, but when weeks went by and i still hurt i decided to see someone. i had never seen a chiropractor before, but when i read the reviews on citysearch i figured it was worth a shot. well, that was one of the better decisions i’ve ever made! dr. carr is hands-down one of the best doctors i’ve ever had, in any discipline (and i’ve seen plenty of doctors). he’s friendly and professional, his office operates like clockwork (and kathy is the best), and most importantly he takes the time to explain your care to you. at all times i know what we’re working on, why and how it will help me. not to mention that i’m complely pain free now and my posture gets better every day. Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

I’ve been seeing Dr. Carr on a regular basis for about 4 years for degenerating vertabrae and some pretty severe neck pain. He knows his stuff, and I always come away feeling much better. He loves to share his knowledge and is always willing to educate his patients about what he’s doing and why. Just ask him ANY question!! I confess I’ve cheated on him a couple of times (seen other chiropractors because I don’t work downtown anymore) but he’s forgiven me and taken me back! I will drive from the south end now to get the best care around. He really is worth the drive! Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

Meet – superb care & pleasant group of people! Posted on 08/25/2006 If all the chiropractors would be like Dr. Carr, this world would be a much happier and healthier place. It takes a skill to mix good humor & professional care well Dr. Carr has it all! Theres something about visiting doctors that always gets me nervousbecause I either expect pain or bad news. Well, consider visit to Dr. Carrs office as a complete opposite experience. Dont say you dont have time, FIND IT, if you care enough for your health, yourself and others around you. It was a pleasure meeting you all! Sincerely, Gerda Pro: Proficiency, Reliance & Incomparable Care. Con: None Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

Chiropractor of the Year! Posted on 08/07/2006 Dr. Carr is the bomb! I went in with pain in my hip area, which was quickly addressed with care and concern. Usually health care practitioners are quick to get you in and out, but it was not like that with Dr. Carr. I have also been having problems with neck pain, and since he was such a good listener I decided to talk to him about this issue as well. In this day and age it is very refreshing to deal with a chiropractor who actually listens to his patients and takes a genuine interest in them. I left my first visit already feeling better, and cannot wait to go in for my next adjustment. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an amazing chiropractor- an added bonus- he’s pretty funny too! Thanks Dr. Carr =) Pro: Amazing customer service- Kathy is a sweetheart, appt started right on time Overall Rating: Highly Recommended
Dr. Carr is OFF THE CHARTS! Posted on 06/30/2006 How do you find the best Chiropractor? Call me!! Dr. Peter Carr’s FAVORITE patient. I have been with him from the very beginning and would not consider any other chiropractor for my back problems. It’s been 6 years now when I first moved to Seattle and needed a chiropractor. I’ve lived in 4 places across the USA – old Dr. Smith helped me when on the east coast (rest his soul), Dr. Morales when I was land bound in the midwest and now Dr. Peter Carr who is THEE BEST hands down, bar none of anyone I have ever seen. He has magic hands with quit wit and knows his stuff for healing your back and body. Along the way your sure to have a little fun as he and his staff put a smile on your face. Have you EVER had a Dr. give you his home phone number for emergencies and mean it? Sounds old school but Dr. Carr cares that much that if your in crisis he takes and makes house calls. You cannot go wrong here – it’s like Nike commercials “Just do it!” Sounds too subjective for ya? I’m nearly 40 and have had back problems since the 5th grade with recently 2 herinated discs at L4 & L5. It’s Dr. Carr who helps me be pain free and mobile. When he says “there’s health in motion” believe it – live it! Thanks Peter your the best without a doubt. Pro: great experience, empathetic, location Overall Rating: Highly Recommended

Visiting Dr Carr is always a pleasure rather than a dreaded task. He’s pleasant, very informative, obviously cares about his patients, and educates them as he treats them. The waiting time is minimal, his staff is always very friendly, he has very interesting reads in his waiting room and plays GREAT music. You won’t regret visiting Dr Carr and once you do, you won’t go to anyone else. Now that I’m no longer working downtown, I still drive downtown from the southend to see him for treatment. Overall Rating: Highly Recommended After dealing with sciatic pain for nine months, I decided to try chiropractic. Right decision without a doubt. Dr. Carr is great…he is very personable and explains everything. The office staff is great and Janice the massage therapist is fantastic. I feel great, walk a bit taller and am pain free!! Thanks!!

Overall Rating: Highly Recommended Thank you Dr Carr. I feel great today….. and your jokes are not really THAT bad. You rule!
Pro: lots of smiles, great massage Overall Rating: Highly Recommended I have seen ten different chiropractors