If you haven’t heard the news in Seattle, there are a number of kids diagnosed with a very rare disorder called AFM.   It’s pretty clear that when a lot of kids get rare neurological disorders at the same time, the first thing to look for is a common cause.  In the case of these kids, the most likely cause is an enterovirus, which is a nice way of saying gut virus that we don’t know about.  Gut viruses have a nasty way of introducing themselves into our nervous system and wreaking havoc there.

A chiropractors solution to prevent these is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF… ie. eat right, get lots of sleep, and lastly, take care of your own gut.   Having real, whole food in your system is vital for proper digestive health.  Doing probiotics simply isn’t enough.  Getting a daily dose of dirt, yes, I said dirt, into your gut is a pretty good thing.  Eat your vegetables and stay tuned, we may discover the cause soon. The CDC is currently working on these cases to see what the commonality is.

In advance of that, I would be very interested in seeing what these poor children’s diets were like.  I feel horrible for these kid’s parents, and hope that there is a quick and easy resolution to their problems.