fence ambulance in the valley

The Ambulance Down in the Valley

The Ambulance Down in the Valley Joseph Malins (1895)

This is a great poem for chiropractors!

‘Twas a dangerous cliff, as they freely confessed,
Though to walk near its crest was so pleasant;
But over its terrible edge there had slipped
A duke and full many a peasant.
So the people said something would have to be done,
But their projects did not at all tally;
Some said, "Put a fence ’round the edge of the cliff,"
Some, "An ambulance down in the valley."

But the cry for the ambulance carried the day,
For it spread through the neighboring city;
A fence may be useful or not, it is true,
But each heart became full of pity
For those who slipped over the dangerous cliff;
And the dwellers in highway and alley
Gave pounds and gave pence, not to put up a fence,
But an ambulance down in the valley.

"For the cliff is all right, if you’re careful," they said,
"And, if folks even slip and are dropping,
It isn’t the slipping that hurts them so much
As the shock down below when they’re stopping."
So day after day, as these mishaps occurred,
Quick forth would those rescuers sally
To pick up the victims who fell off the cliff,
With their ambulance down in the valley.

Then an old sage remarked: "It’s a marvel to me
That people give far more attention
To repairing results than to stopping the cause,
When they’d much better aim at prevention.
Let us stop at its source all this mischief," cried he,
"Come, neighbors and friends, let us rally;
If the cliff we will fence, we might almost dispense
With the ambulance down in the valley."

"Oh he’s a fanatic," the others rejoined,
"Dispense with the ambulance? Never!
He’d dispense with all charities, too, if he could;
No! No! We’ll support them forever.
Aren’t we picking up folks just as fast as they fall?
And shall this man dictate to us? Shall he?
Why should people of sense stop to put up a fence,
While the ambulance works in the valley?"

But the sensible few, who are practical too,
Will not bear with such nonsense much longer;
They believe that prevention is better than cure,
And their party will soon be the stronger.
Encourage them then, with your purse, voice, and pen,
And while other philanthropists dally,
They will scorn all pretense, and put up a stout fence
On the cliff that hangs over the valley.

Better guide well the young than reclaim them when old,
For the voice of true wisdom is calling.
"To rescue the fallen is good, but ’tis best
To prevent other people from falling."
Better close up the source of temptation and crime
Than deliver from dungeon or galley;
Better put a strong fence ’round the top of the cliff
Than an ambulance down in the valley.

danio fish

Spinal cord regeneration in fish study. Very cool.

Super exciting research. Apparently, there is a lot going on in fish that I wish would happen with humans. Regeneration of the spinal cord also occurs in possibly one of the coolest fish in the world, the black ghost knife fish, which not only regenerates the spinal cord, but swims using a single fin under them, http://www.kurzweilai.net/scientists-find-key-protein-for-spinal-cord-repair-in-zebrafish

This study, if possible in humans, would allow an injection to someone with a spinal cord injury, and allow the reconnection of neurons, and therefore function to the cells "south" or caudal to the damage site. That means you could reverse paralysis and all the nastiness that goes along with it. Of all research that needs funding, this one is a no brainer. Literally, since the brain isn't necessarily involved in the process!

Strange disease in Washington kids...

If you haven't heard the news in Seattle, there are a number of kids diagnosed with a very rare disorder called AFM.   It's pretty clear that when a lot of kids get rare neurological disorders at the same time, the first thing to look for is a common cause.  In the case of these kids, the most likely cause is an enterovirus, which is a nice way of saying gut virus that we don't know about.  Gut viruses have a nasty way of introducing themselves into our nervous system and wreaking havoc there.

A chiropractors solution to prevent these is to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF... ie. eat right, get lots of sleep, and lastly, take care of your own gut.   Having real, whole food in your system is vital for proper digestive health.  Doing probiotics simply isn't enough.  Getting a daily dose of dirt, yes, I said dirt, into your gut is a pretty good thing.  Eat your vegetables and stay tuned, we may discover the cause soon. The CDC is currently working on these cases to see what the commonality is.

In advance of that, I would be very interested in seeing what these poor children's diets were like.  I feel horrible for these kid's parents, and hope that there is a quick and easy resolution to their problems.

The Fact of Chiropractic

I'm a chiropractor and a chiropractic wellness and Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic is owned by me. I've determined to write a brief explanation of the chiropractic health doctrine. Chiropractic Doctors have great success with helping people become healthy or remaining so.
Seattle Chiropractor revolves around a Vitalistic, holistic, and natural strategy to Health and Life. This Vitalistic, strategy that is holistic, and natural uses the Body's natural ability to self heal and self control itself. This doctrine means that the Body already has everything cure, it needs to grow, and prosper in any environment. The Body is meant to be HEALTHY not ILL. Chiropractic focuses on bringing people back to health by treating causes not symptoms and keeping real health. We see the Body's great power in everyday life from keeping the heart beating, digesting food, growing hair (or not;-), treating reductions, and the many other intelligent functions we do not even know about. The Body's skill to do all this without our mindful support implies an inborn wisdom that is astonishing.
My chiropractic care helps this wisdom by clearing any noise in the Back and Nervous System so the Body can do its job perfectly (the way it's suppose to). Chiropractic additionally focuses on being healthy and staying healthy by exercising at your appropriate level and eating with real nourishment. We alleviate Structural hindrance and Nerve noise. Nerve hindrance is a huge part in disorder, and Structural hindrance is the primary factor in degeneration including arthritis. The Brain, that will be your primary "computer" that controls every one of your 70-100 TRILLION cells that make up your entire organs, muscles, and tissues. In the Brain comes the Spinal Cord, which will be the Brain's chief "highway", and the Spinal Cord directs all info in the Brain to the many Nerves that come out of the Spinal Cord to the remainder of the 70-100 TRILLION cells in your Body.

Seattle Chiropractor - The Natural Approach to Health Care

It was over 100 years ago that Chiropractic made its debut appearance in the science and medical profession formally, September 17th, 1897, in Davenport, Iowa. It's existed since ancient times, only without the neurologic component.
Chiropractic is generally regardfed to be an alternative holistic medicine that considers the well being of your physical health and well being. It also executes natural strategy to treat the nervous and musculoskeletal system ailments
But please bear in mind that chiropractors are holistic professional instead of a healer, which means they treat as a whole individual instead of merely the symptoms of your ailment.

Unlike many other physicians, chiropractors will ask questions that are pertinent within your lifestyle and their professional constraint to understand you. Among others, chiropractors will generally ask questions about the patient's daily routine, diet and family history. That is significant so that they treat not only the ailment and can diagnose them accordingly.
And many chiropractors supply their for example alleviating from sciatica, neck pain and additionally low back pain on a general level. As an example, whiplash injuries are often treated with relaxation technique and muscle excitement. Muscle contractions can support.
If a muscle is cramp, in that case your chiropractor will help to alleviate the tension by extending it. The pressure that applied to your muscle may change depending how stiff your muscle is. I must warn you that it can not feel rather painless though. If that's what occurs, you then should describe your chiropractor it.
What matters most is, you have to supply the info that is pertinent that your chiropractor demands, then you'll be able to save both parties' time and increase efficacy.

Seattle Chiropractor - Grow Your Health Care Practice Affordably

Instead of treating patients spend an excessive amount of time on marketing chores? Learn how to grow your practice through the use of established marketing strategies to create new customers on a monthly basis. Strategies that are once arranged, and affordable and effective -- largely hands off.
Independent Health Care professionals, like any business, are like Opticians, Massage therapists, Nutritionists, Chiropractors and other independent office treatment specialists -- they want a steady stream of new customers. In order to ensure the survival of the office too frequently, health care suppliers spend more time on marketing chores instead of on treating patients. It is not uncommon to see such clinicians spend 10 to 15 hours and many hundreds of dollars weekly in the quest to get new patients. Using flyers and advertising strategies, like mailers, print ads, radio/TV, and conventional marketing, they spend a lot of money and time, but simply get bare results for their attempts.
But - it does not have to be that way.
Or alternative medicine specialist should you be an independent health care provider, including a Seattle Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and you happen to be looking to increase your customer base – new research ran by leading search engines like Google ! and YAHOO disclose some surprising data. In towns and cities across America, finding local and regional treatment specialists via internet web search engines is fast becoming the method of choice for people looking to choose health care suppliers that are trusted. Typing on keypads and seeking cyberspace has replaced thumbing through the yellow pages.

Instruction About Chiropractic

Seattle Chiropractor are alternate health care professionals. These suppliers consider that the human musculoskeletal systems must be in proper alignment in order for each individual to get optimum well being. A spinal column that's misaligned will compress nerves and cause maladies and sickness in the individual. These areas that were twisted are straightened out and lined back up by manual therapy and hands on exploitation. In order to have the ability to perform chiropractic health care, a doctor must finish large quantity of instruction and training. This empowers them to become certified and licensed to diagnose and treat illnesses and disorders.
This medical area came into existence soon before the start of the 20th century. The men responsible for birthing this practice were D.D. Palmer and his son B.J. Some of the buzzwords for this alternative health care methodology contain "innate intelligence" and "subluxations." Natural wisdom refers to the instinctive quality and skill of a body to cure itself. The real misalignment that results is referred to by subluxations.
In addition to treatments that are manual, Seattle Chiropractor use a variety of treatments including massage, vitamin acupuncture, supplements and lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes may address relaxation techniques, pose, appropriate diet and exercise. Appropriate position will aid the natural ability of a body to heal itself by sticking to appropriate placement and relieve pain. They may be experiencing compressed nerves and muscles as a result when a man's posturing is crooked. Relaxation techniques may include even taking long walks in nature or deep breathing techniques, yoga, meditation practice. A healthy diet includes the appropriate building blocks of lean proteins, whole grains, and fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, and can supply all tools that are essential for a body to regenerate itself. Poor diet may do just the reverse, and the person may end up with want and disorder. Sufficient sleep during the nighttime and a healthy tool box of relaxation techniques will enable a body to lose reconstruct, pressure and rejuvenate.

How Reflux Can Be Helped by a Chiropractor

If your baby suffers from reflux, or if you have problems with reflux, a visit to a chiropractor may help reduce the symptoms of this disorder. Once they've reached four months of age, infants frequently outgrow reflux. The reason babies experience reflux is because they've endured injury during the birth process or because they've immature sphincter muscles. Chiropractic treatment for Infants experiencing RefluxBabies, who are treated for reflux by a chiropractor in the first four months of their lives, react well to chiropractic treatment.
The back and neck vertebrae of your infant can go out of alignment during the birth process. That is especially true if the delivery of your baby's contained a vacuum extraction or forceps, if the infant was delivered by a C-section, or if you needed to push out the baby for a length period of time. Chiropractic care can readjust any misalignment your infant may have endured during his birth, if your baby suffers from reflux.
Reflux is a common illness in infants under four months because the infant may have an immature or poor valve between his belly and his oesophagus. Reflux happens when milk flows and escapes in the infant's belly up through the esophagus of the baby's and back into the mouth of the baby's. When this occurs the infant will vomit, generally rather powerfully. The contents of the gut of an infant are acidic, so this can cause discomfort and pain in your infant when he vomits.
Your infant can be helped by Seattle Chiropractor treatments. The adjustments will correct any misalignment endured during the birth process and will help the nerves in the spinal column to have improved control of the upper valve of the infant's gut. The technique to correct an infant is really tender and you should find an improvement in the state of your baby's within three or two visits to a chiropractor.

How a Chiropractor Helps to Reduce Back Pain

Seattle Chiropractor care is given by a licensed chiropractor that uses hands on approach to manipulate different parts of the musculoskeletal structure to help patients prevent surgical intervention under conventional medical care and to relieve pain. Chiropractic care will be able to help you to return to doing the things you used to do when tissue injures have cause a limitation of freedom to any of your joints. Pain felt in the back is one of the leading causes of people beginning to live a sedentary life as an alternative to enjoying an energetic life.
They first consider a complete medical history when you go to the chiropractor for alleviate from back pain. Your other physician to allow you to be restored to health, and they desire to work with you, in order that they need to understand about any medical treatments you've got lately had, and about any medicines you might be taking.
The massage therapy that is performed to help alleviate back pain cannot be done until there's a x ray image of your spinal column so the healing specialist can determine if their treatment may cause more pain for you.
The treatment procedure for back pain will potentially contain vitamin therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, diet recommendations, exercise recommendations, and spinal column exploitation. Many people believe they are going to feel just like new and that if they go see one of these specialist their pain will be magically relieved in one visit. The fact is that most patients who have back pain or persistent back pain related to a recent traumatic injury may have to see the specialist over once before they start to find continuing relief from their suffering.

Involved In A Car Accident? Why You Should See A Seattle Chiropractor, Like Me, Immediately!

Car accidents can leave you confused and perplexed at the exact same time that you survived the accident. This can be a scenario that frequently leaves those involved in the accident blowing off symptoms of harms that could have been endured during the crashes. Failure to pay attention to your body after an accident may lead to long-term illnesses that can cost you money and time to treat and cure and just show you afterwards.
Whereas it's common for most people to go for surgery and medicines when they have been casualties of the injuries, it's essential that you contemplate seeing a chiropractor no matter how minor the accident impact might appear to you. The professionals can allow you to prevent long term states. A great auto injury chiropractor uses techniques like traction, cold laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, and spinal decompression and activator alterations before they grow into anything more serious to take care of harms. Here are a few reasons why you should see a chiropractor after you've been involved in a car accident.
1. Some harm will not be clear. Cuts, bruises and broken bones may be quite simple to identify but others, including whiplash may not be that noticeable after an accident. Remember that adrenaline amounts spike after such crashes and this could end up disguising symptoms and pain. A chiropractor uses the techniques that are essential reduce swelling, control damage, to identify and minimize pain. This will allow you to prevent long healing procedure and distressing minutes because the symptoms are found early.
2. Chiropractic treatments are noninvasive. Instead of waiting for days and weeks and sometimes even months before it is possible to start treatment for symptoms and injuries that show up after, so leading to expensive processes, your chiropractor will help ease the weight using noninvasive treatments. Exercises, stretches and massage, heat and ice packs are some of the commonly used techniques in chiropractic treatments. These therapies are great for treating symptoms before they become important problems, expensive to treat through invasive operations and offer quick pain relief.