Some people have a variety of deep misconceptions about chiropractors. Myths and rumors are never a great spot to base expectations, but some of them are hard to tremble. Factual info is not worse than hearsay and rumor. Here are a few myths about the flipside that is factual and these medical practitioners.
– they’ren’t well trained.
This is simply untrue. Chiropractors are highly skilled health care professionals with a great deal of experience and training under their belts. They must complete four years of undergraduate university study before even applying for Chiropractic College. Undergraduate education generally contains studies of anatomy, physiology, chemistry and math. They are going to spend another four years learning the tricks of their new profession once these people apply to a graduate program….Including graduate level classes in anatomy, physiology and additional study of all that connects to the human musculoskeletal systems. In addition to the academic hours, they are going to place in much time with patients collecting hands on expertise in more and spinal manipulation techniques.
– This is a newfangled, airy-fairy training.
Incorrect! Chiropractic studies have existed since the late 1800’s. A dad-and-son team with the last name of Palmer are the people credited with initiating this curing methodology. Is not it interesting that their last name was “Palmer” since palms and hands are tools used in this process of treating patients? I think so. The whole word, CHIRO means “hands” in Greek, and PRAKTIKOS means “use of” in Greek. Cool, Huh?