Dr. Carr Recommends:

Dr. Carr recommends only a few products, but he fully stands behind those that we do.

Purple Mattresses

Literature sources state you will spend 1/3 of your natural life in bed. If there is one place to invest time and energy in your life, it should be there. I’ve sourced all the mattress companies I could find, and I’ve spent my time on plenty of mattresses, and have decided on this one. It’s a great mattress and will last you a long time. For the price, you could buy 2 and a half mattresses for the price of the same quality mattress.

The Therapeutica Pillow

The next product we carry is the Therapeutica Pillow. It’s the only pillow we’ve ever carried and for good reason: It works. There are literally hundreds of pillows out there, but the American Chiropractic association approves only one. It is essentially two pillows in one, and because it is made of polyurrethane foam it doesn’t allow dust mites to reside within it. Because the pillow does not change its shape every n ight, it leads ot a consistency of sleep that many people have been craving. It’s been our experience that patients with occipital neuralgia, or cervicogenic migraine, almost respond 100% better with this “neck orthotic” in place.

The next products are specialty items. One is used for the treatment of disc injuries, and it’s called the Invertrac. It introduces gentle traction to the lumbar spine, thereby decompressing the disc and relieving pain.

The Strassburg Sock

The last product is our funniest one, the Strassburg Sock. It has two uses, one for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, and a secondary purpose as a contraceptive device, because it looks so funny! Essentially a sock with a strap on it, it activates the connective tissue of the foot as you sleep, stretching out the plantar fascia and radically decreasing pain, especiallyin the morning. One of the easiest diagnosis to make, plantar fasciitis is typically characterized by a stabbing pain in the bottom of the foot, especially after waking.

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