The seminar, actually called Closing for Chiropractors, wasa in Chicago, and it was about how to speak to new patients about their conditions and how most effectively deal with them. More of a psychology lesson than anything else, it speaks to how best to manage people and what’s important to them. As a doctor, I sometimes get lost in how much I enjoy finding a diagnosis, and providing a treatment plan to reach the patient’s health goals. However, I learned at this seminar that is not what you guys want, you guys being the people who come to my office.

They brought up a truth that I knew all along; that people usually are having flareups of long-standing issues, and that the issue is keeping them from some activity that they enjoy, a life effect, if you will. Finding o ut what motivates both the patient and I lets us both prosper from a visit to come see me… they get to do what they want to to do, and I do too!