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There’s a couple of things we’ve learned about being a chiropractic expert witness in Washington State:

– Chiropractic expert witness work is not for the faint of heart!!
– Nor should it be reserved for retired chiropractors who are no longer in the mainstream of chiropractic.
– You don’t have to be expensive to be good.

About our experience

Dr. Carr is a Washington State clinician who devotes nearly all of his time actually treating patients, and therefore can speak to the relevance of care in the cases you may have involving chiropractors.

He holds numerous are certifications by the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, in Whiplash and Spinal Trauma, Myovision sEMG evaluation, and more.  He is also Board Eligible to sit the DACBN – Diplomate in Chiropractic Neurology.  He’s well-versed in epidemiology and treatment of whiplash cases, and can provide an objective view of what the injuries were, and whether the treatment was reasonable and necessary.  Nearly 20 years of practice have shown Dr. Carr to be the one to trust in PI cases.

Why do you need us?

For many attorneys, working chiropractic cases can sometimes be confusing, since chiropractors have essentially developed a language all to themselves. For instance, if a chiropractor’s notes were barely legible such as what is below:

10/6/06 S pt co np & mbp, 6/10 5/10 O dec ROM csp c pn @EROM A Sublx C345 T456 c CV P:CT, PNF Hams, door ex, L4 PRI-M T6 PRS-T c3 PRI 2x wk

Watch how we can magically turn that chicken scratch suddenly into a full evaluation and treatment plan!

October 6th, 2006: Subjective complaints: Patient complains of neck pain and mid back pain, rated a 6 and 5 respectively on the Borg pain scale. Objective findings showed decreased range of motion in the cervical spine with pain at the end range of motion. Assessment: Patient has cervical subluxations at C3, 4, and 5, as well as T4, 5, and 6, with associated costovertebral joint dysfunction. Plan includes cervical traction, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching of the biceps femoris bilaterally. Patient was also given active stretching exercises, was adjusted at L4 in side posture, at T6 prone with a transverse contact, and at C3 in a seated position. Recommended treatment frequency is 2 times per week.

Suddenly, having an expert read over the chiropractor’s notes doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, does it?

Having an expert witness who knows: 1. What was done, 2. Whether it was necessary, 3. How to defend it, is vital to your case. Of course, we can’t win every case that goes to court; making that promise would be foolish, and our records review for other doctors really depends entirely on the quality of their documentation.

Why choose Dynamic Chiropractic Clinic for your experts?

Full time Washington State practitioner familiar with almost all recognized chiropractic techniques
17+ years of combined clinical practice
Approved doctors for the Washington State Workers’ L&I
Certified in whiplash and spinal trauma
Outstanding testimony and communication skills

Dr. Carr: “Because I am in clinical practice, I can speak better the actual evaluation of your case. I know that if we stay on top of the laws and legalities in the state of Washington, I can provide better care to our patients and those patients you hopefully refer to use for our outstanding care.

Our goal is simple: Expert case evaluation, advice and testimony for attorneys on personal injury, malpractice, causation and standard of care issues, with objective case analysis and independent medical examinations for the insurance industry, including coding, billing and clinical documentation expertise.

Contrary to popular opinion and as attorneys know, most disputes do not end in a courtroom trial. They settle–often due to the work performed by experts. However, Dr. Carr has the necessary communication skills and courtroom experience for the few cases that do go to trial.

For plaintiff counsel, we can review most any malpractice or personal injury case, and report back in a timely fashion. In fact, we review most cases within 72 hours so you will be able to quickly determine if the case is meritorious and worth pursuing.

For defense counsel, we will aggressively assist in the defense of your client when causation is not present, when no significant deviations from the standard of care occurred or when the medical evidence indicates that the injuries are being overstated or did not occur.

Whether plaintiff or defense counsel, we can produce a unique, comprehensive narrative report, be available to consult by telephone, and if needed, provide expert testimony.

Our fees are very reasonable. As we said before, you don’t have to be expensive to be good, and we don’t charge more than what we make in our office at any given hour. We also will do free consultations: If you want our opinion as to whether there is a case or not, we’re happy to give you our feedback as well.

– Our fee schedule:(as of 10/18)
– Initial Telephone Consultation-NO CHARGE
– Complete Case Evaluation and Verbal Report- $500
– Written Expert Report- $350
– Subsequent Consultation/Review Time- $250 per hour
– Deposition Fee (2-Hour Minimum)- $200 per hour
– Trial Testimony Fee (4-Hour Minimum)- $200 per hour

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